Happy 4th Ya'll!

16 years ago, Hillcrest Neighborhood began having a 4th of July Parade. It started pretty small and though our kids were too big to "be in it" we would go stand at the curb and watch the little ones. Then when Ashley was Champ (Mascot) at Abilene High, they asked her to walk with the drum line. That was July, 2000. Then our grandchildren started participating each year. At first they were pulled in a decorated wagon, then one by one they have been able to ride a bike! It has become a tradition to bring their bikes over to the house and decorate them. The last two years Emma was here and got to ride in the wagon. I am thinking by next year, she will be riding a little bike or tricycle! It's a big deal. You would think it was the Macy's parade. So today...I thought I would show you how much they have grown! We are missing Emma today, they weren't able to come this year. :(
 Will and Clay (I still LOVE the hat that Clay wore...cracks me up!!!)
 Owen riding his bike for the first time
Now look at these guys...they are growing up! TOO FAST!!!

Owen (7), Will (4) and Clay (6)
 Clay, such a little sweetie!
 (Love his pose!)
Owen, giving me a thumbs up!
Clay, Owen, Will with Larry's Dad, PawPaw
 Will, Owen, Clay with Larry's Mom, MawMaw
Larry and I with the GRAND sons!
 Fixing to have us a very traditional 4th of July Meal
Hot Dogs and Hamburgers!
 Will--what a cute little personality!

 Honey and her "honey"...Larry
Clay,  Will, Zach, Meg and Owen
Such a sweet family. It is always so fun to spend the holidays with them.
I love how special the parade has become to them. It is a highlight with these little boys!
We missed David, Ashley and Emma today, but hopefully next year we can all be together.
Here is our sweet little "sparkler" this year.
Thanks Mommy for sending us a picture this morning to warm our hearts!
 Emma Grace (2 3/4 years old)
One last thing...sure did have fun today at the parade because I ran into some of "my sweet girls" that I fell in love with on our Ukraine Mission Trip. There is something about getting to work along beside each other that just draws you close. These two stole my heart. Such great young women. They are so much fun so it made this day even more special to run into them and have them sit with us at the parade! Kara on the far left and Jess on the far left (and one of their friends in the middle!)

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