Happy 6th Birthday Clay!

Last week we got to attend Clay's 6th Birthday! Ashley & Emma were in town, and Emma was beside herself with excitement! Clay actually turned 6 in June but June was a crazy month for them so they waited to July to celebrate. Meg always does a great job on decorating everything from the cake to making every little detail adorable. I love that about her, along with a whole lot of other things! :)

Aunt Ashley was asked to design the invitation, which thrilled "Aunt Ally" so much! 
I cannot believe that our little Clay is 6! Where is the time going? He is such a sweet little guy (okay, well all our grandkids are super sweet) but it is just so fun to little personalities taking shape. Clay is so patient, quiet, takes everything in, doesn't say a lot but when he does you know he has really thought about what he is about to say, is so sensitive about others feelings, very loving and caring. Just a great little guy if you ask me!!!
Here are a few of the 100's of pictures I took. I know, seems like lately my picture taking has not boundaries. What can I say? I have great subjects! :)

Birthday Boy Clay and his friend got to sit at their own table! 

Oh how I love that sweet smile!

Oh my, I love this little guy...he just melts his Honey's heart!

Opening cards with help from his brothers
Emma was so excited to see her Uncle Zach. She loves him!
Friends Jack and Jolee Kate and Emma
Brother Will
 Will showing me his fancy diving!
 What child doesn't love for their Dad to lift and throw them into the water?
I used to LOVE for my Dad to get in the pool and do this with me and my brother!
 Owen LOVES the high diving board
 Owen, Zach and Emma enjoying the water on such a hot day!
 Ashley, Jolee Kate and Emma..sweet little girlfriends!

 Do you think Emma was having fun? She would just squeal with delight when Ashley twirled her around in the water. Parent's playing with their children in the pool makes me very happy!
Thanks Clay for having a swimming party...we had such fun!!
We love you sweet boy!


Snakeman said...

Great party. We had a pool birthday party arranged recently but it rained dogs and cats so we had to do something indoors and went and booked one these mobile reptile parties for the children. The kids had the time of their life!
The downside is it cost a lot more than the pool party.
All the best

Kim said...

Random thoughts...

Meg is WONDERFUL at putting together a party...I am always impressed!

Clay's eyes are GORGEOUS in the picture where he is looking at the camera. I've always thought he had the most beautiful blue eyes!

Owen and the high-dive. Oh goodness...diving boards just scare me, especially after witnessing Will's accident. :(

The invitations were so cute! Ashley never disappoints! :)

And I loved that JK and Emma were able to splash around and play together! I hope that their little friendship that has started now grows and grows. I will cross my fingers that one day maybe Emma will move to Abilene. JK would love it! :)