Another tradition...a new one of sorts...

Okay, our family loves traditions. We have lots of old ones that I have written about here, here, and here and ... okay, I am gonna stop there...cause there are so many of my blogs (19) that are about traditions! Since we didn't have enough, we started another last year! Ha. However, the wonderful thing about this one is how easy it is for Larry and I! As I have written about in the past, we always have a Christmas Eve Morning gift...which always involved hunting for your gift around the house. This tradition, involved poems/hints that lead you around the house. Well, writing poetry is not my strong suit. In the past, I have received some chuckles...with good reason...for my lack of rhyming skills. Or, worse, it would rhyme but made no sense! So, last year I had an idea to get me out of this role of writing poetry! Here is what they received:

Mr. and Mrs. Claus’s poems have been laughed at
Their rhyming abilities, they say, are weak and flat.

They’ve looked at us as if we were crazy
When we tied them together and no one could be lazy!

So we have decided to turn the big kids loose
And just see what kind of story they can produce!

The words on the enclosed list must all be used
To make a story or poem you will choose.

Enclosed are a notepad and a pencil too
Work as a team, we look forward to your debut!

The clock is ticking; you have only a 1/2 hour to work
As yes, your results, if done well, will produce a perk!

In order to receive your prize
You must delight our ears and eyes!

Bud, Honey, Owen, Emma, Will and Clay
Look forward to your most CREATIVE display!

Larry and I came up with a list of random and I mean random words...
Today I was getting the list of words ready and pulled out the last years (which by the way, the story will be a "continued" story) and it just made me laugh. This 4 did a great job! It made me laugh this morning, so I thought I would share it with you...and maybe it could be a tradition that would fit into your family!

Chapter One:

The icy wife was hanging plastic Christmas bells while the kids were mixing a green concoction in the blender. A fuzzy blanket of snow glittered at midnight as the sleepless President texted Santa on his iphone while listening to his ipod. The cold salami wrapped eggrolls burned Santa's nose, while hearing the news of the blizzard approaching the North Pole which would affect the elves toy making in the workshop. The blizzard was so cold that not even crazy buzzards giddy with hormones wearing red socks on their toes could survive. Made aware of the eminent threat of the snow-melting green concoction, Santa danced a silly jig while slipping his legs through the holes of his pants and strapping on his jingle gun, then hopped into his sleigh filled with presents and acted as a taxi to deliver lipstick and earrings to the boring wife who's jaw never stopped moving. Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!.

As you can see, when these 4 get together, random, silly and amazing things happen! By the way, it did make Bud, Honey and the kids laugh and thus they were rewarded! We are anxious to see how they do this year!


Wendi said...

How fun!! I love your family. :)

Kim W. said...

Okay...so I know you love traditions...but I have to say, I LOVE your traditions and have gotten some good ideas from you! Your family is just the best! Love you all! PS. I think we are going to do a Christmas morning present next year...I love that! And a little hunting for it sounds good! Thanks! ;)