Our Special Little Tradition

I just came home from a wonderful little trip to Mansfield. Last year, Ashley, Emma and I started a little Christmas Tradition. We went to North Park Mall for a day of shopping at fun little stores but much more importantly we took Emma to see Santa!!! We started this last year and decided right there and then, that would be our little tradition! We got to North Park Mall, grabbed our ticket (it gives you what time Santa will see you!) and then did a little shopping and looking around until it was Emma's turn! First stop was the Disney store. She is VERY in to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse..as in she loves that show, so of course she loves all those characters. When we walked in the store, she looked around and exclaimed "COOL"!!! :) We just looked around a fun stores that we sure don't have around here....Paper Source, Gymboree, Janie and Jack, Anthropologie, Lego Store, H&M...before and after our appointment to see Santa! I had wondered how she would do. Ashley thought she would do great. Ashley was so right! She waltzed in to his little house, crawled up in his lap, handing him her letter and acted like she could have stayed all day! She was quite taken with the guy with the white beard! I have to say that Santa was so precious with her as well. He was so tender and sweet to her!!! I think if we had left her there she would have been just fine with that! She talked about him all afternoon! Him and his beard! So, that of course made the day super special. Then we went to eat at la madeleine...always a favorite!!!
 First sighting of Santa
 Waiting to see the big guy!

 Reading her wish list- a Kitchen and a balloon
 Checking out the big guys beard, she was quite taken with it!
Love this picture!!!
We had such a fun day!!! Emma was so sweet and good the entire day...especially since we missed her nap! She did take a mini-nap on the way back home. We finished the day at another favorite place to eat, Chuey's. Yum.  It was so fun to get to spend some time with my girls! Tonight, we have a sleepover and Christmas Shopping night with our boys...so I will blog more later but for now, I will close with a few of MANY fun pictures of a VERY fun day with Emma and Ashley!


Ashley said...

Oh it was so so fun! Thank you again for everything & for coming. It was such a sweet & special day! I loved every second!

Kim W. said...

I love that yall have this tradition. I think JK and I need to do something like this. ;) Even if it's not around Christmas and Santa, I think a little shopping trip and eating at a place like La Madeline's is a great idea. Ha! ;) I'll be sure and tell AW that you suggested it. ;)