Our little houseguest

It was a pretty exciting call. We got the call from David and Ashley to see if we would like to keep Emma Grace for a few days. We had to think long and hard before we gave them an answer...NOT!!! We were so excited and had a blast. We went over and celebrated with our birthday girl, Ashley. Then the next morning, we played a bit before heading out right after lunch with our little girl in the backseat! She slept most of the way home, which sure made the trip go faster for her.

Emma does the cutest little thing when she is sleepy. She loves this blanket. It is a very soft knit. She usually gets the corner and rubs it very gently back and forth across her nose. Love it! She also likes to cover her head when she is getting sleepy.

Then the fun began!!! She was so excited to be at Bud and Honey's house! Ashley had been a little concerned about how she would do. She has been suffering with some separation anxiety recently but she did amazing! We played outside after we got home. Let me just say, this girl loves the dirt. She crawled right into the sandbox and proceeded to cover herself with sand.

Then it was time to break from all that playing for a little dinner....

before playing a little more before taking a bath, reading a stack of books and heading to bed. She goes to bed so easily. She went right to sleep and we weren't far behind her! Saturday morning started off about 7:30 with a very sweet chatter coming from her bed. She wakes up so happy. First she watched a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, while eating her breakfast picnic style.

We were expecting rain midday so we made the most of being outside ALL morning. We picked up leaves, feathers, dirt, played on the see-saw and did lots of walking around the yard...those chunky little legs got a workout!

We have these two little statues in the backyard, named Zach and Ashley. Emma was so intrigued by them, she wanted to touch their noses and hold their hands, she even gave the little girl a flower, but of course she wanted her to smell it! So sweet!

 Really, how cute is she!

 This little girl to draw, as does Honey!
Then after a full morning of playing, we had us a little lunch before making our house guest do the dishes of course! Ha, she was pretty excited to get to play in the bubbles!

Then after lunch, we read more books before putting her down for a nap. She once again goes down so easy and took a great nap. When she woke up she had company...her 3 cousins and uncle had come to see her. She was so excited and played hard with them for a few hours before we all went to get a little pizza for supper. She loves those boy!

Her sweet chauffeur, Owen

Sunday morning, a very happy girl woke up, we ate breakfast and got ready for church. 

 A little Pat-a-cake on the way to church....
 Get those things rolled up and throw them in the pan!
It was so fun to have this precious little girl with us at church, she was so good and even got to go to Bible Class for the first time! Course, Honey went to class with her! :)
We came home for lunch and a little of play time before it was time for a nap! We had one tired little girl! After her nap we had a very excited Mommy show up, I think maybe she missed her girl just a little bit. Ashley stayed for several days which is always so fun for us! We appreciate so much David letting us keep them a few days longer! We basically stayed around here and played but made a few fun outings...like a trip to the Pumpkin Patch, but those pictures are on Ashley's camera! :)

Here are a few more of MANY pictures we took while we had sweet Emma:

 Love this picture, Bud and Emma coloring...oh so sweet.

It was a wonderful first "sleepover" with Emma...we look forward to many many more!!!
We love you Emma-girl! Come back soon! Bud and Honey


Wendi said...

What fun!!! I know miss Emma had a great time with her Honey. :)

karen said...

there is a whole lot of love in these pictures! i loved reading and seeing these pictures that chronicled emma's first sleepover at honey and bud's! what a fun time for all three of you! so glad you posted these pictures so i could get a glimpse! i can see that special memories are being made each time she comes for a visit! emma is a doll! especially love the pictures of her washing the dishes and wearing the sweet apron---and the pictures of her with her honey and with her bud! love, love!

annalee said...

too fun! i love this.

Lisa Maloney said...

Too sweet! What happy happy memories! She's just precious.

Ashley said...

I'm so behind on commenting! :) Emma LOVES being with her bud & honey & LOVED her weekend with you guys! Thanks for being such wonderful, wonderful grandparents to her & parents to me! :) LOVE U!