Celebrating with the Birthday Girl...

Larry and I drove over to spend the day with Ashley...her 29th birthday. We had such fun.
Emma made Ashley's day. On Ashley's birthday Emma and I took Ashley shopping. We hung out while Ashley tried on clothes and looked for a few new items. But the highlight of the day, was Emma took Ashley on a carousel ride! It was Emma's first time and she loved it! She smiled and waved the whole time! It was so cute but I am afraid my pictures aren't the greatest! It is hard to get good pictures when things are moving!!! After David got off work, we went to The Cheesecake Factory for supper AND dessert! Then the next day, we packed up Emma and brought her home with us! Yahoo...I will hopefully get that blog written soon! :)

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Ashley said...

Another WAY late comment...:)
Thanks again for helping to make my bday SO special & fun. Yes, it made my day watching Emma on the carousel, but also by having yall here to celebrate with me!