Where does the time go?

Several have mentioned to me lately that they have missed my blogs. It is hard for me to remember that anyone really reads them...I do this for selfish reasons. I am not good at keeping a diary or journal (like my friend Karen!) so this is kind of my stab at keeping up with "life events" or thoughts. I would like to think if I had more time on my hands, that I would be much better at journaling but the truth of the matter is there is a long list of things I wish I had time to do. Play with my grandkids more, craft, sew, dig in my flower beds, go camping, start writing my life story, etc. But somehow, life just seems to be so busy right now! I am thankful to God that he has brought many new opportunities to the Zach and Larry Knight families. At the same time, things are a bit crazy...a good crazy but crazy nonetheless! But having said that, I don't want to forget to write about all the fun times we have snuggled into our daily schedule lately...so I will try my best to let the pictures talk for me!
In the past few weeks, this is what has brought me the greatest joys..

Emma enjoying some backyard time
Having a little "weee" time as she calls it!
Sweet times...Bud and Emma checking out the front yard
Emma taking a bath in the kitchen sink...don't you love the "do" I gave her!
Emma giving Honey some snuggles
Honey and all her grands..Emma, Will, Owen & Clay
Love how Clay and Emma are holding hands and looking at each other!
Emma playing with her "new" doll at Honey's house-we had to get a few girl toys!!!
Sweet picture of Emma and her mommy!
Emma being silly! Such a cutie with a fun little personality blooming!


karen said...

it just doesn't get much better than this, does it?! i am so happy for you of how you have spent your time lately. sweet, fun, memorable times. even if you don't ever write another word down in journal form, you have a heart full of memories imprinted where it counts!
love all the pictures...especially the one of emma giving you snuggles! and clay and emma holding hands. and ashley and emma....well, actually i love all the pictures!

Ashley said...

I love the time spent & pictures too! I am glad we've had lots of time with "Nunny & Bo" these past few weeks! We love you!