A picture is worth a thousand words" Wednesday

These picture comes with a few words. Words of encouragement to you...to take pictures of your mom, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and your children. I have realized recently, after sorting through ALL our family photos, that even though my Mom and I spent much time in the kitchen together growing up and even more after I was married...I do not have a single picture of the two of us cooking together. I cherish the few I have of my mom and my grandmother...but oh how I wish we had gotten some of the two of us together. I think we often forget to take pictures of the ordinary day-to-day stuff. Working together in the kitchen is something most of us women do a lot of! Next time you are cooking with your mom or your child...take a picture!!! This past Thanksgiving, Ashley and I were busy making the dressing and other sides for our meal and Larry and David snapped a few pictures of us while we were cooking and talking! I will cherish those pictures forever! Do it for your children! I love that Zach and Ashley have these pictures of my Mom and Murdee (yes, that is what we called my grandmother!). There are lots of things in these pictures that I love...how my Mom has her hand on my grandmothers back, the memories of that kitchen, but my favorite...is seeing those two ladies hands. They wouldn't be chosen to advertise jewelry or nail products...but those hands are so beautiful to me. Those hands represent two ladies that served others and God with their hands!

(Thank you Karen for scanning the pictures of my Mom, so I could post them! You are the best! If I ever get my scanner to work, I will probably bore all of you to death with old pictures!!!)


karen said...

you know how much i love these pictures...i could listen for hours/days (oh, that we would have that much time to visit together!) and hear stories of your mom! i wish so much i had known her and your grandmother. but one thing i know for sure, i am getting a glimpse of her through your words, your pictures, yourself! you have such a thoughtful way of showing love to others, and such a beautiful way of preserving memories. i am so glad that you and ashley have these treasured pictures of the two of you together. and, now a whole new generation of grandchildren to make memories with! all of these pictures are a treasure to me, too, because of what they represent: the incredible hands that raised such a fine woman. your grandmother's hands/your mother's hands/your hands/ashley's hands.
and these hands have also raised mighty fine men, too! (meg's hands included).
thanks for the reminder to take pictures of the day-to-day happenings that make each ordinary day extraordinary in unique ways!
love you,

emily said...

mary kay! this post made me realize how many pictures I DON'T have of the people in my life I love the most! It is a great reminder to get on that... & how blessed am I to so soon have the luxury of doing that so easily. We should put taking pics on the docket the next time we have a girls weekend!!! I love you :)

annalee said...

precious post and good reminder. i've been a recipient of enjoying the works of your kitchen and these pictures made me smile just thinking of such.