The four cutest things around....seriously!!

I know other grandparents may disagree, and that is okay...I understand. But to me, these are the four cutest and sweetest things around. Really. When Emma and Ashley came to town a few weeks ago, we did a little photo shoot with these sweeties. I have about 500 pictures to short through...but here are a few that melt my heart!!

Owen Austin-6 years old

Clayton Grant-4 1/2 years old

William Texas- 3 years old

Emma Grace-18 months old


Lauren said...

Um, I think THIS much cuteness is illegal! You have four completely adorable grandbabies.

Kayla said...

So precious! They are all absolutely adorable. And you are a great photographer!

Ashley said...

I AGREE...they are the cutest! :)

karen said...

flash forward about sixteen years, and i can see senior pictures-those four sets of eyes are beautiful! what great looking grands you have! you do have every right to be proud!

Pam said...

Goodness me, they are too adorable.