Thanksgiving Pie Supper

Okay, I am REALLY behind with blogging. Really behind! I have so many things I want and need to journal about and so little time. I will take one "activity" at a time and maybe by the New Year, I will have caught up...maybe.

Pie Supper
Years ago, I read an article in a magazine about a lady who on Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, hosted a Pie Supper. This lady and I would be best friends. She said, "I love desserts. The problem with desserts on Thanksgiving is who really enjoys them after a HUGE meal of Turkey, Ham, Dressing, Sweet Potatoes, etc." She decided she would host a Pie Supper the night before Thanksgiving. It had become a tradition in her family. They would sit around and eat pie and sip on coffee and basically start the Thanksgiving weekend a day early! I loved the idea, so this year, I hosted our First Annual Knight Family Pie Supper. We gathered at our house around 7 PM and each person had signed up for a pie. I made it easy, I sent out an invite via email and each person replied as to what kind of pie they would bring. Each family could bring a tried and true recipe or try something new! Our island was FULL of wonderful tasting pies! And the lady was right, you truly enjoyed the pie and the pressure was off on Thanksgiving Day! I am always determined on Thanksgiving to have pie, after all, I have waited all year for a slice of Paradise Pumpkin Pie (my sister-in-law, Carolyn's, amazing recipe!) but this year, I was able to enjoy the yummyness! We had such a great time and there were some amazing pies! This year, the pies we enjoyed were:
Pecan Pie-PawPaw
Paradise Pumpkin Pie-Mary Kay
Caramel Delight-Chandra
Banana Creme Pie-Meg
Flat Iron Apple Pie-Ashley
Chocolate Meringue-Jan
There were several family members unable to attend but we are hoping to make this an annual event so maybe next year more can make come! Thanks to everyone for bring such wonderful treats! We love you all!

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