Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 was a wonderful week long celebration! David, Ashley and Emma arrived on Monday, which meant we got the party started early!! David had the entire week off and we were blessed enough to have them with us most of the week! Sweet times!

Tuesday, one of our very sweet friends, Kim Watson, took time at of her CRAZY schedule to take some pictures of our family. Getting us all dressed and in one place at the same time is quite an accomplishment these days! We had an idea for our Christmas card so we all wore red, white and blue and Kim snapped away! She was so sweet to help us out! Thank you again Kim!!! We love and appreciate you, and the pictures are wonderful!!

Here is a few of my favorites:
Then is was off to Lucy's in Tuscola to celebrate Meg's 30th birthday. The birthday, girl or boy gets to pick where they want to go and Lucy's was Meg's pick! Way to go Meg, we LOVE Lucy's! We all enjoyed great burgers and of course some homemade ice cream!!
Wednesday: Was a busy day, baking pies for the Pie Supper and getting things ready for Thanksgiving lunch. But we had time to play with Emma too! I love all her little jabbers right now, so sweet! I had planned on having a little video right here, but I cannot get blogger to upload it! Grr.

Thursday: There is nothing sweeter than getting to cook with my family. Ashley and I enjoyed a few hours of cooking and getting things ready for our noon meal. It was such a sweet time for me, I love sharing this time with her. I remember many times when my Mom and I would be preparing meals, sharing recipes, tips on cooking and I would often hear some of the sweetest memories that Mom had of past Thanksgivings. I cherish these memories now, she is so much a part of our traditions...I use all her recipes and even use her China on many special occasions. Mom loved to entertain and cook, she shared that love with me and I hope I can pass that on to my kids. Sitting around eating a home cooked meal as a family is something you just can't top in my book! Thank you Ashley for all the help in the kitchen!!!
Several of our family members had other commitments but those who could joined us for lunch and some good old family time! In the late afternoon, Zach, Meg and the three boys, Ashley, Emma, my sister in law, Carolyn and nephew, Cameron went to the Firestation that my brother works at, to take the firemen some treats and to see my brother on Thanksgiving! I don't think we can ever thank our fireman and policeman who work on holidays enough, in order to make sure we are safe! Phil is so fun and the kids LOVE him. So, he gave them a tour of the firestation, let them crawl all over the firetrucks, etc. He will be retiring soon, so we wanted to go one last time before that happens! We had so much fun!
Later that evening, Ashley, Meg and I snuck away and went to the movie.
That was a treat to have a little girl time

Friday and Saturday: We found out that Abilene High had made it to the play-offs and they were going to be playing in the new Cowboy Stadium on Saturday! We decided to pack it up and move the party to Ashley and David's house! David left on a fishing trip but the rest of us went to their house for more family time, eating out and went to the football game. It was a great way to see the new stadium, even if our beloved Eagles lost! :(

Sunday: Headed home, tired, full of good eats and our hearts even fuller of precious memories as a family! We are so very blessed with healthy kids, grandkids, good jobs, homes, wonderful churches where we can freely worship and a country that allows us so much! We are so thankful! It was a great Thanksgiving!


Ashley said...

It was such a good holiday & I, too, love the memories of cooking with you on Thanksgiving morning. :)

karen said...

i loved reading every word of this awesome post! and i loved all the pictures-especially that first one! you are truly a blessed honey...and your family is truly blessed by you. you make every day extraordinary!

The Watsons said...

You are such a great wife, mom and Honey! Your family is so blessed to have you! Glad the pictures turned out okay. I was so worried. :) Anyhow, and the last thought...I sure admire the mother you are. The relationship you have with Ashley is something that I want so badly for Jolee Kate and I. I sure hope she enjoys cooking in the kitchen with me. :) And I can't wait to do all of the other fun things with her and to make such great memories. Love it!