Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas Family and Friends!
May your day be blessed with sweet times, memories and fellowship!

This little fellow is one of my all time favorite Christmas decorations. It is such a sweet little Santa "vase". Why is it one of my favorites? It was my Mom's. She bought it in 1950. That would have been their 2nd Christmas as a married couple. It is fun for me to think back on her selecting it at a store and how delighted she must have been to have it decorating her home! It was one of her favorite pieces as well. I have to admire her, it is such a great little piece and back then, I am thinking there weren't the TONS of decorations available to her as we have today! It is the decoration that I ALWAYS remember being in our house growing up. One Christmas, when I was married and had kids, I mentioned to her how much I loved that piece. She went and got a pen and wrote my name on the bottom of it right then and there. That is how she was, she wanted things to be passed on and so she took care of that little bit of business right then! I love the Santa, I love seeing my name written on the bottom in her handwriting. She loved Christmas and she loved family. I hope she knows how much I loved her!

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