Fun times with Miss Emma Grace

Ashley and Emma came to spend the better part of the week with us last week, before the rest of the family came in for the July 4th Celebration. It was WONDERFUL to have her here and I am not sure we could have packed more into the week! We swam, decorated for the 4th, visited friends, visited family, cooked, ate and played played played with Miss Emma. Oh how she makes me laugh! She is such good medicine. I was not on my A-game when Ashley and Emma arrived, been having a few issues with my back so I was so thankful for Ashley's help and Ashley and Emma to cheer me up! :)

I just had to share a few pictures of some things that made us laugh this week.

#1 The girl loves monkeys, and loves Curious George or as she says, "George". I just LOVE the way she gets so engrossed in the movie...like I am pretty sure the house could fall down around her and she would never know! She doesn't get to watch a lot of TV, which I really appreciate but when she does, the girl takes it in. She would sit on the couch and not move a muscle! So sweet.

#2 I bought a baby at Target, nothing special, but just a baby for Emma to play with when she is here. Seemed like to me, we are a little heavy on "boy-toys" and so I felt it only fair!  This baby just so happens to be one that you can take a bath with. She really hadn't given this baby a lot of her attention the last few trips, but oh my, that changed this time! I asked her if she would like to take a bath with her baby and the mothering skills came alive! She had so much fun bathing her, putting her clothes on, putting her to bed, etc. She carried that baby around most of the week. When we would get the baby and Emma out of the tub, she wanted to make sure baby did everything she did...get wrapped up in a towel, lotion on, diaper, etc. We even showed her how the baby knew how to pee pee in the potty and Emma wanted to do the same thing! This picture cracks me up! She would want baby right beside her each time she was getting dressed, etc. I think Emma for sure is going to be one of those little girls that loves to play with babies and is already showing amazing mothering skills! So sweet. But let me just say, she just as easily will sit in a pile of dirt and pour it over her head! :)

#3 Okay, as you notice in the above picture, Emma has goggles on, or as she calls them "Doggles". I need to back up a little on this story. The first day we met Meg and the boys at the pool (which by the way, thank you so much Meg for letting us come swimming!!!) Emma noticed the boys "doggles" right off the bat and could not quit talking about them. She wanted them badly. So, the next day when we headed to the pool, we made a quick stop at the store for Emma a pair of goggles. I cannot describe and sadly I wish I had taken a video of her walking through the store holding those "doggles". She said "Doggles" OVER AND OVER AGAIN and was so excited! It took a lot for her to hand them over at the check out so they could scan them and she never took her eyes off them! All the way to the pool, the little voice from the backseat was "Doggles, Doggles, Emma's Doggles"over and over again. She was so proud...but we had no idea how attached she would become. For the rest of the week, she held on to those goggles...sometimes wearing them on her face, on her head or had a death grip on them in her hand. It was priceless. Mom and Dad have had to pry them out of her hand before bedtime on several occasions. The funniest was when we first put them on her, they made her eyes kind of pull like when you have a really tight ponytail! She would look around with those squinted eyes and you could just tell she was trying to figure out what everything was...so funny...but she kept them on!!! So, I am pretty sure we will all refer to goggles as "doggles" from now on out and remember this precious little girl who could not have been more pleased with any gift than she was these cheap little "doggles"!


karen said...

emma grace gets cuter and cuter each day. and what a fun personality! love how you have captured these memories in words and in pictures!

emily said...

oh dear me!!! DOGGLES!!!!! How fantastic :) I need an Emma & Ashley AND Mary Kay fix myself! Love both the posts-- I can't believe how professional all your food looks-- you guys should start a catering business in your spare time ;) love you!

Ashley said...

I LOVE this post & all the cute emma stories!!!