All dressed up and having such fun!

We (David, Ashley, Zach, Meg, Larry and myself) did something last night that is rare...really rare. We all got dressed up and went out! We went to a wedding, in Lubbock for Taylor Potts. The Potts family are very very dear to us and we were so excited to celebrate with them as Taylor and Erin became man and wife! What a sweet couple! What a beautiful service and reception. The six adults in our family have not had a chance to do something with only the adults since Owen was born. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE having our grands in tow but this was a fun time to get all dressed up and do something together! A HUGE thanks goes out to Meg's parents who kept not only their three grandsons but also kept Emma too! They had so much fun and in turn we were able to have a very fun grown up night! We don't have many occasions to dress up...so it was really fun for the girls and the boys were very sweet and tolerated the ties! :) Thank you boys and thank you girls! We had so much fun sharing our dress up stuff, jewelry, etc.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures of the family!!!

Zach and Meg...looking good!
Larry and I
Ashley and David
Zach and Meg...waiting for meal time!
David (I think he was tired of me taking pxs) and Ashley
Me and my girls...Ashley and Meg
My beautiful girl!
Meg insisted...I really hate having my px taken!
Meg and her fascinator
My adorable daughter-in-law Meg
Ha. I had to include this. Notice my two kids. They crack me. I was trying to get a picture of us on the pew before the wedding, and when I looked at this later...who are the two clowns! Yep, and they didn't even know each other was acting crazy! I love these four!!!


Ashley said...

It was so fun! I'm so glad you got so many cute pictures! :)

emily said...

I am LOVING this post! It makes me want to get out of my sweats!! I have a similar Zak pic from Ashley's graduation that I should share w/the blog world-- we should all have crazy pic Zak posts b/c he is so post-worthy!! I'm glad you got to go out & you look so beautiful!!!

annalee said...

what a good-looking crew you have indeed! love you girls accessories and so glad y'all enjoyed a great night out together!