A picture is worth a thousand words" Wednesday

I already know one thing that Emma and Ashley have in common.
Their love for books!
Ashley loves to read and right now she gets to read a lot...to her precious little girl!
Emma will sit in your lap as long as you will read to her.
Ashley is SO good about reading to her...I imagine hours of her day are spent reading.
Keep up the good work Ashley! These moments are priceless!


Ashley said...

I {of course!!} LOVE this post! :)

karen said...

this is the sweetest picture! aaah, to have a little one who loves to sit and read, what a blessing! it's true, reading is a gift that keeps giving and giving. xoxo

The Watsons said...

So sweet! She is a good little momma, and she {of course!} learned from the best! ;) I am a tad bit jealous though that mine haven't been that interested in reading until just recently. I tried!! :( Ha!