Our Senior Huddles Group

Larry and I, along with another couple have been Huddles Leaders at Hillcrest for 3 years. We were asked to take the Freshman class toward the end of their Freshman year. At Hillcrest, when you are Huddle Leaders, you take a class and you walk through their high school years with them. At the time, it seemed like a pretty long commitment but it has flown! They are now the Senior Class! They are in their last semester of High School! I can't believe it. When they were Sophomores, we told them when in January of their senior year, we would take them to Ruidoso skiing, so to start saving their money! Last night we returned from a four day trip with them. We did go to Ruidoso, but the snow conditions weren't so great. In fact, there was so little of the mountain open for skiing that our group opted to just play and have fun as a group...so our Senior Ski Trip was a non-skiing trip! We still had tons of fun. It does my heart good to see these teenagers! They have a deep love for the Lord, they want to make the world a better place and they can have good clean fun! We did lots of laughing, eating, playing games, singing, eating, a little sleeping, tubing, go cart racing, eating, shopping, pedicures (well not everyone but some of the girls!) and just being together. We talked some about the future and reminised about the past few years together. It was a great weekend. I love these kids. They make me feel young again! They make me feel good about the future of the church!
Here are a few pictures from the weekend.
The first is of our group minus the 5 who did not get to go! (We missed them alot!)
We surprised them with Hoodies as a token of our time together! You really can't see the graphic too well, but it says HYG Senior Huddles Ski Trip 2011...OR NOT!
Gangster Style!
Our group at the Pro Track Place
Go Larry!!!
On your mark...get set...GO!!!!!!!
When we were first asked to do this by our youth minister I had no idea what to expect. It seemed like a huge task. It has been such a joy, I have grown through them and I have grown to love them!!! They have bright futures ahead of them, it will be so fun to watch them and see what they do as adults!


annalee said...

what a neat memory for all involved! i know they are soo blessed to have you for leaders.

Ashley said...

it has been fun to watch you guys be huddle leaders. it's obvious what an impact you have made on their lives!

The Watsons said...

What a wonderful blessing those kids have in yall! That is awesome! And I bet those 4 years do fly by! Wow...how neat to share in that time with each of them.