A very fun week

Last week, on Tuesday, Larry and I met up with Ashley and Emma in Weatherford for a quick lunch and then I got to go home with Ashley! Larry returned to Abilene to work but so sweetly gave me the rest of the week "off" to play with Ashley and Emma. Oh how blessed I am!

Ashley, Emma and I had such a fun time. Ashley had scheduled several appointments she needed to take care of while I was there, so that I could hang out with Emma! David had a business trip so he was out part of the week, which though we missed him, it gave us girls time to "play". It was so fun for me to get to see Emma at home. It was fun to just be there to do the daily things...feed her cereal, give her baths, read to her, pick out what she would wear for the day and PLAY! She is getting so much personality and is full of smiles and giggles! She perfected her rolling over skills too! I can't even describe how much fun it was to just "be there". Ashley and I had some wonderful talking time, did some crafts, did a little shopping, talked about some sewing projects, shared recipes, etc. I loved loved loved my time with them.

We are so blessed! We are blessed to have Zach, Meg and 3 grandsons living within 5 minutes of us. We are blessed to share the day to day life stuff with them. We are blessed to see them and hear funny sayings of our little guys weekly. We are blessed to have Ashley, David and Emma within 3 hours of our house. Though, of course I would love it if they were 3 minutes away...I know I am blessed. But getting to go and stay in their home, watch Emma in her own surroundings was so good for my soul! Thank you Ashley and David for allowing me this time. I loved every single second and can't believe how quickly time flew! I miss you all and we are already counting the days till we see you again!


Ashley said...

WE had so much fun! Thanks again for coming & hanging out with us! Like you said, it was so great having you here for the day to day stuff!

Lauren said...

I love that you got to enjoy some good Ashley-Emma-Honey time! I can't wait to see you and Ashley in a few days. I got a very special inviation in the mail yesterday (Monday). ;)