Take a number please!

This past weekend, the Knight family celebrated! We had big things to celebrate! We helped Larry's dad celebrate his 80th birthday and on top of that, Larry's parents 60th anniversary is right around the corner, so we celebrated that too! We had one BIG party!!! We did lots of visiting, took lots of pictures and ate lots of good food! Not all the family was able to make it for the event, which bummed us all, but we had a great turnout! Thanks to everyone for making the trip to the big town of Hawley!

One thing that continues to amaze me is this little fact:
Darrell & Marie had 3 sons. Steve, Danny and Larry (he is my favorite)
Darrell & Marie had 8 grandchildren.
Darrell and Marie have 18 great-grandchildren! EIGHTEEN!!!! With two more on the way!!!
That will be twenty great-grands...and I don't think that is a final number! 
Check out this picture...we had them hold "their number" and even had Ashley and Chandra (our niece who is expecting in December) hold up their # too! 

We love you Darrell and Marie, aka Paw Paw and Maw Maw!
Thanks for all the sweet memories and for your unconditional love!


annalee said...

what a cute idea with the numbers. what a delightful celebration!!!

Ashley said...

you did a great job planning! i still think you need to start a business! :)