Summer happenings...

It's true...I am still alive! I have been a terrible blogger lately. Too much going on...won't try to explain but only share with you a few pictures from the fun things we have been able to fit in! Last week, Larry went to Trek with our Hillcrest Teenagers (love you babe and I am so proud of you for climbing yet another mountain!!! Yahoo!!). I went to Fort Worth to see my sweet friends, Pam and Gordon Trice and then on to Mansfield to spend the week with David and Ashley! Yahoo! Ashley and I had a list of things we wanted to do and though we didn't check off everything on the list...we did get a lot done! Here are some pictures of some of our projects!

This is just one peek at Emma's new room...more will follow once it is finished!

Ashley had a doctor's appointment while I was there, so I not only got to meet the doctor, check out the hospital where Miss Emma will be born BUT I also got to hear her precious little heartbeat!! I can hardly wait to meet this little doll. 

Then I returned to Abilene and got to walk with the little boys in the Hillcrest parade! I am so thankful to the ladies who organize this each year! It is such a fun treat for the little kids to get to be in their very own parade and let me tell you, our three grandson take it very seriously...you would think it was the Macy's parade! They love it!!! Here are our growing boys!! Owen, Clay and Will...thank you for making July 4th so much fun! You are the cutest firecrackers around!


Ashley said...

It was so fun having you here & Emma can't wait to meet her Honey! :)

annalee said...

i love that you got to do each of those things! and i love each of those people!