First off, there aren't a lot of things that start with X and besides that we do have a great x-ray film at our house. Once, when Larry was doing a little building out back of our house, he accidently shot a six-penny nail into his foot. Yep...all the way in! He shot right through the boot, sock and even managed to catch the hem of his jeans. When he said he had a nail in his foot...I was thinking in the bottom, like most people do. But, no, his was through the top of his foot. After a little visit to the ER, it was determined it had thankful not caused any major damage. When the doctor walked in with a pair of pliers, I thought he was playing a joke on us but no, he just got a good hold on the head of that nail and pulled it out! Larry said it didn't hurt...I think he was in shock! Either way, later in the day he was certainly hurting! But he was just excited they didn't cut through his work boots! And they think women are crazy about their shoes! Sorry, no picture to post! Just the story was probably a little to graphic for some of you! But we do have the xray if you ever want to look at something both amazing and gross!

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Brianna Allen said...

I wanna see these x-rays. They sound cool!