Violets...lovely sweet violets!

Years ago, my sweet friend, Sherri Luttrell gave me a "starter" of her violets. I had always admired the border of sweet little green leaves with an adorable purple flower in the spring that Sherri had in her yard. I cannot tell you know much joy those violets have brought me. For several reasons:
#1-you can't kill em!
#2-they were free and during those days buying flowers was not always in the budget.
#3-they MULTIPLE!! So, I went from having them around one little flower bed to having them around almost every flower bed in my yard plus I have been able to divide them and share them with family and friends. This spring, I took a box full to Ashley's and she put them to good use! I just divided some to give to Meg today!
#4-in the summer, when they start looking pretty "burnt" around the edges of the leaves, I just snip them off at the ground and about a week later they pop back up and start "smiling" again! They flower in the early spring.
Thank you Sherri! It never fails when I am working in my yard and see those violets, I always think of you and your sweet friendship. 
(Okay, the picture isn't so great but it was the only one I could find! The violets are bordering the walkway up to the boys sandbox in the backyard)


Meg Knight said...

Oh yeah, I was going to bring you some pots to fill...ooops! I forgot!

Meg Knight said...

where is W? Dont think that you can get away with that kind of Tom Foolery!--zak

Meg Knight said...
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