Our sweet little four....

Ashley and Emma came into town this week for the Art Show. Before the show started, I snapped a few pictures of the four grands all together. There really isn't anything I love more than getting us all together. They kids are enjoying each other more and more. These 3 boys are the only cousins Emma has right now. So to say the least, she LOVES whenever they get to be together. From the time she got to town, she kept going to the front window and saying "Boys, where are you?!?!" So sweet. The boys are so good with her also. They are gentle and sweet with her. I want to see these little cousins grow up to be close. I know I really don't have a lot of control over that matter...but I pray we can always have lots of occasions to see one another and plan family times...I believe if we strive to make that a family priority...then the grands will build a solid relationship with each other. Family closeness is something I want and desire so much for my crew!!! I think the older I get, the more I realize how important family is!
Here are a few of my favorite shots:

Owen (Blue) Will (Orange) Clay (Green) and Emma

Always helps to throw a funny face in to the mix as right now that is really what the boys are wanting to do on every picture! 

I hope every child can have an aunt who loves their nephews and nieces as much as this woman does. Ashley cannot get enough of her nephews. She had so much fun loving on them before she had her own family, but still she can hardly wait to get to town to see them! A week does not pass that she doesn't ask me about them and what they are up to. She loves them dearly. I LOVE this picture. Wish Will had been in it of course but this was while Owen and Clay were at the house setting up for the Art Show and she was getting some snuggles. A fun conversation happened at this point also. We were telling them boys how no matter how OLD they were, they were always to give Grandmothers, Moms and Aunts hugs! That it might not be cool to hug some "girls" but it was ALWAYS cool to these ladies! ALWAYS!!! Ashley told Owen, when you are as old as Honey, it will still be cool for you to come see me and hug me! She asked him if he knew how old she would be if he was my age. He looked at both of us and then thought about it. Ashley said again, "How old will I be" and he replied, "Dead". We all laughed so hard. Ashley told him it might be so, but if she was alive, she still wanted hugs! The boys promised us they would always have hugs for us...right now they give the SWEETEST hugs every time they see us...I never want that to change!!!

Emma patiently waiting for her cousins to arrive! She was so excited!!!!


Ashley said...

Oh I just love those four!!

Tara said...

So fun that you have all of your grands together so often!