Hopefully the first of many...

Tea Parties that is. I have so much fun playing Lego's, cars, flying kites, digging in the sandbox, etc. with three precious grandsons but last weekend I got to do the first of what I hope are MANY. I got to have my first official TEA PARTY with Miss Emma Grace and Ashley. It was fun to plan the finger foods and gather up girly dishes from mine and my mom's "pretties" but of course the real fun came when my "guests" arrived. Ashley and Emma came in last weekend to spend a girls weekend while Larry went to Mansfield to their house so that he and David could tile their bathrooms with new tile! I am pretty sure the boys worked much harder than us girls...but then playing can be hard work too! :)

I had sent them a little invitation to attend the tea party so Ashley said all the way from Mansfield to Abilene...every few miles...Emma would say "Nunny's house...Tea Party!!!!"...so it thrilled my heart to hear she was so excited! By the way, the boys call me Honey but Emma has called me Nunny....not sure if she will every change over. She can say Honey now, but when she calls me or talks about me, it is still Nunny. But it is so cute and I will pretty much answer to anything when it comes to these kids! :)

Here is a picture of the table before my guests arrived.

The tablecloth is the cloth I used in Zach and Ashley's nursery. My mom made it. We had Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches in the shape of bunnies, Cucumber and Cream Cheese sandwiches-Egg shaped, Strawberry Cream Cheese on crackers, all sorts of fruit and frozen yogurt drops (fun little food idea I found on Pinterest). Our tea was really Cherry Limeade. As you can see, Emma quite liked it and the fact that the cups were so tiny made for lots of refills...which after all, pouring out of a tea pot is half the fun! Love those chubby little hands holding on to her little tea cup!

My sweet girls-
After our lunch, then of course it was time for a tea party cupcake! Each time we would talk about having a tea party, Emma would always say "Yeah...cupcakes!" so of course I made cupcakes!!
This girl loves sweets...like her Honey!

Since the Snows won't be here this weekend for Easter, the Easter Bunny made an early visit to our house, so after our Tea Party, Emma got to hunt eggs, which she loved! She is so sweet and she would look around and announce " I see it, I see a blue one!" or "I see it, I see a pink one!"...and on and on it went...she had such fun gathering them up and even more fun once she realized they had surprises inside!

So the HIT of the day was a magnifying glass I picked up for Emma's Easter Basket. She pretty much held on to it the rest of the weekend. She looked at everything through it. Even at church on Sunday, she held it through the whole service, once looking through it and turned to me and said " BIG PEOPLE"!!! Love that girl!!

She even checked out the bunnies on her new panties! Doesn't everyone get panties in their Easter Eggs?

Oh my, this one melts my heart!! Aren't those little pigtails to cute!

It was a fun weekend! We had lots of time to play, read lots of books-I love that she will crawl up in my lap and wants book after book read to her. It is always fun to see how she takes in every little detail on every page!

On Saturday afternoon we decided to let Emma paint a picture so we stripped her down and gave her free reign of the paints and brush. Here is how it went! Painting on the paper only lasted for a few minutes, when she decided to do a little body painting! My favorite part was just taking pictures and watching her! Its fun every once in awhile to have no boundaries when it comes to your creativity!

A girl has to keep her nails painted!

She got to take an extra long bubble bath which included lots of scrubbing! :)
Sunday morning it was fun to have the girls with me for church and a few pictures afterwards even though we had one tired little girl!
(Notice the magnifying glass...still holding it!)

It was a very fun weekend and of course we are looking forward to our next tea party!


emily said...

so so precious!!! Lilli & I wanna come!!! & Gaga, too, of course!! Love those pics-- we've GOT to get together!!!

Ashley said...

It was THE BEST!!! We had so much fun, and it was such a special day! Thank you!!!

karen said...

this is so sweet! what a great first of many tea parties to happen for the three of you! i love how you used the gingham for the tablecloth, and how you set the table with such pretties, and totally made it so girly! i love everything about this!!

Chelsie Sargent said...

So sweet:)

Kim said...

Oh my goodness, I absolutely LOVE IT! You are the BEST HONEY THERE IS! :) I just loved every last picture and detail. What a fun, fun, fun time!

I took lots of notes for when I am a Honey one day! ;) Of course, I think Jolee Kate and I will have to have a Tea Party like that sometime soon, too! Maybe one of these days when her rotten brothers are at the lease with their daddy. ;)

Love you so much and am so thankful for your presence in my life. You bless me so much, whether you know it or not!

Jessica said...

Looks like SO MUCH FUN! Maybe Max will like having tea parties too - but only if they're as fun as this one! ;)