One of God's many reminders...

In the middle of winter with news that we are headed to another hot and dry summer...I love that God reminds me DAILY of just staying in the moment. Don't get ahead of yourself Mary Kay. Enjoy today.  I am blessed beyond what I deserve, I am trying hard to stay in the moment. I am working around the house today and had to stop and go out and take a picture of this:

See in the middle of winter when all is brown and dry...up pops a reminder of God's perfect plan! Sweet little violets. (Thank you Sherri for sharing these little plants with me MANY years ago!)

I have so many blogs to write but I am doing my best to not stress out with my long list of "to-dos" and instead keep my eyes on the blessings in today.


emily said...

Mary Kay!
so good to hear His truths in the every day moments! I needed to hear it, too, Honey! It brings a tear to my eye how much we have that we do not deserve. I love you!! Praise God for making all things new!!!

Kim said...

You are so wonderful. The little things you say and do are such an example to me. As you know, I often get overwhelmed with what is on my to-do list, and I, too, am trying to slow down a bit and just take one day at a time. Thanks for always giving us all little reminders of what is important in life. You are a true blessing to so many, and I am very fortunate to know you as my friend, and to be able to look up to you as I would a mother. :) You have truly taught me so much, whether you know it or not. Love you!