Yahoo, it is Spring!

I can see my tulips peaking through the dirt and it reminds me of how much I love Spring. I love how God renews the earth with color, textures and smells! It reminds me that I can start playing in the dirt again! I do love digging, planting and watching God take over! A few weeks ago, I pointed out to Owen and Clay the tiniest little green tip of a tulip that was poking through the ground and reminded them to stay on the path in the backyard instead of walking through the flower beds so that we didn't hurt "Honey's tulips". Owen came in from the backyard last week, so excited to announce "Honey, we didn't hurted your tulips, cause they are growing!!" Isn't it so fun to share nature with children! Wow, I guess that is exactly how God feels, sharing nature with His children! Thank you God for the amazing earth you have blessed us with!

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Brianna Allen said...

You are so creative! I love the way you think! You have such great, unique outlooks on life!