Christmas with the family

This past weekend we met at David and Ashley's house for Christmas! We had a fun filled packed weekend! We started on Friday night as soon as David got home from work. Zach, Meg and the boys arrived around 4 and Ashley had the house looking adorable! It was so fun for all of us to see their house decorated for the holidays! That was the first time since they married to see all their fun decorations! They did an amazing job hosting our family Christmas. We ate our favorite family snack foods and then let the boys go on a scavenger hunt to look for their new PJ's and Christmas movie. We ate lots of great food and had so much fun visiting. After the boys went to bed the three couples played Cranium. David and Ashley beat us this year! Then it was off to bed knowing full well the little guys would be up early. Boy were they excited to get started! This year we only bought a few gifts for the little guys and then stockings as our Christmas gift to the families this year was a night at the Gaylord Texan and tickets to see ICE. So, after breakfast, we go ready and headed to Grapevine for lunch and enjoyed the sights and sounds of Christmas! I would love to go back to Grapevine again, they were decked out for the holidays! We checked into the Gaylord, let the little ones get their naps and then we enjoyed walking around the Gaylord before heading out for supper. Zach and Meg found a great little place for us to eat. We again enjoyed all the lights, music and being together. Sunday started off with a real bummer, as Ashley woke up with a stomach bug. So though she felt terrible she certainly wanted us to keep on with our plans while she rested. We enjoyed a great breakfast and then headed to the see ICE. It was amazing! The Gaylord is completely decked out for the holidays, very fun to see and we loved being with the family. We hated so bad that Ashley got what we all had the week before, so sorry Ashley!  That really isn't what we meant to give you for Christmas! It was a fun, memorable time. Thank you David and Ashley for hosting our Christmas 2008, everything was beautiful! Here are a few pictures of our time together. Merry Christmas everyone!

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